Meditation practices

The Inner Smile meditation- an ancient and profound technique from the Tibetan and Taoist traditions which helps to open the heart

The Inner Breath - feeling the breath -a beautiful and calming practice in itself and a foundation for many different practices allowing an experience of stillness and presence

AcuEnergetics Light Body meditations- these are ancient mystical practices which help awaken chakras & energetic centers - they are expansive, helping us on our journey to discover the light within. They are heart centered and based in ancient knowledge from Taoism, Sufism and Kaballah . Included are Circulation of the Light and Tree of Life meditations

Qi Gong comes from the Taoist tradition and uses specific gentle movements and internal energy practices which promote the flow of Qi and are relaxing, balancing and healing

Mindfulness & Self Healing practices
to promote relaxation, physical healing and
emotional well being

These meditations help us
to move beyond the mind,
open the heart and
experience light, bliss and

Individual sessions are available
with Rupa for meditation counselling,
Qi Gong, as well as meditation
classes and workshops
please contact Rupa for details


"Balance may sound intangible, but there are chemical markers for every benefit that meditation brings. The negative effect of stress on the heart, as well as the recovery process from stress, is driven by the production of hormones and neurotransmitters throughot the body. Meditation has been found to be a powerful means of rebalacing these biochemicals....."

Deepak Chopra MD How Meditation affects Health

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